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DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 5pm, Monday 23rd September 2013

The British Horseracing Grant Scheme was created in 2012 by British Horseracing and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to provide important funding for worthwhile projects within the British Racing and Thoroughbred Breeding industries.

The scheme is funded by part of British Horseracing's share of the proceeds from the sale of the Tote by DCMS in June 2011.

DCMS Following an open tender process, the contract to administer the grant scheme on behalf of the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport was awarded by DCMS to the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

The Scheme aims to provide funds for worthwhile projects which will benefit the sport of horseracing, and its associated industries in Great Britain. All State Aid compliant applications from organisations involved in, or projects relating to, the British Racing or Breeding Industries are welcome.

Application Information
In its first year, the British Horseracing Grant Scheme made almost £800,000 of Awards to 32 successful initiatives. Details of the projects which received funding can be found here.

Details of The Racing Foundation, established to fund charitable causes within Racing from the Tote sale proceeds, can be found here.

The 2013-14 British Horseracing Grant Scheme
£800,000 has been allocated to the British Horseracing Grant Scheme for the 2013-14 Financial Year. Funding shall be targeted to the following areas:
  • £100,000 to a fund for the Aid for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • £100,000 to a fund for Training Aid
  • £100,000 to a fund for Aid for research and development and innovation
  • £200,000 to a fund for Capital Projects
  • £200,000 to a fund for De Minimis State Aid exemption applications
  • £100,000 will be allocated to any of the above funds as required – determined by the total number and combined quantum of applications to each fund.
The Awards Committee reserves the right to alter the distribution of funds between these respective areas – based on factors including, but not limited to, the quality, volume and quantum of applications to each respective fund.

All applications to the British Horseracing Grant Scheme are assessed in three stages:

1. How the proposed application will be of benefit to the British Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding industries. Applicants must satisfy at least one of fourteen aims of the Scheme, which include:
  • Improves the facilities for horseracing's participants and spectators and/or leaving a benefit for the wider horseracing community;
  • Encourages youngsters to participate, experience and understand horse racing;
  • Grow and diversify the fanbase of the sport, for example, through the use of new media, education and new technology;
  • Improves the education and training of participants, including jockeys, stable staff and racehorse trainers, and meet their training needs in identified areas of concern;
  • Improves the communities in which horseracing plays a significant part;
  • Assists in the improvement of breeds of horses
2. Compliance with European Union regulations on State Aid – as the funds for the British Horseracing Grant Scheme are provided by Government. Guidance on State Aid regulations and how these affect potential applicants can also be found below.

3. An analysis of the application including, but not limited to, value for money, timescales and milestones, sustainability of the project, and financial and personnel details.

The Awards Committee encourages applicants to, as far as possible, outline in their proposals specific objectives of their project, and criteria by which the applicant's success in achieving these can be measured. They also encourage cross-industry applications which initiate new projects that will have considerable benefits for all of the sport, and outline that applications from charitable organisations will be considered on their merits and against the same criteria as those from non-charitable organisations.

Applicants will need to complete a cover application form, attaching a business plan demonstrating how your proposed project will achieve the aims of the Scheme.

The Awards Committee
The British Horseracing Grant Scheme Awards Committee is formed of the Chief Executives of the BHA, Racecourse Association and the Horsemen's Group.

The Awards Committee has determined that it will only consider applications for a Grant which are at least 50% match funded from other sources – which cannot be State funds. However, this policy may be reviewed by the Awards Committee at any time and it may determine, at its sole discretion, that such match funding is not required by a specific application. If match funding is not available for your project then you should explain why this is the case and what effort has been made to obtain match funding.

The Awards Committee will receive a recommendation from the Grant Scheme Administrative team on the application, including whether it satisfies the relevant criteria.

The Awards Committee may award grants:
  • to all, some or none of the applications certified by the Grant Scheme Administrator as satisfying the Scheme and State Aid criteria, and being recommended for a grant
  • to the full amount as sought in the application, or any amount up to that level
  • in instalments
  • subject to conditions (including those requiring potential repayment)
  • as it shall determine but in no case shall it be obliged to award a particular grant.
State Aid
As the Tote sale transaction was deemed to be a disposal by Government, the proceeds from the sale are deemed to be state resources. Therefore, any subsequent distribution of funds from DCMS through the Grant Scheme is treated as being granted by the State and, as such, could constitute State Aid.

State Aid is a European Commission term which refers to a form of assistance from a publicly-funded body which could distort competition and affect trade between member states of the European Union.

There are however certain exemptions which do allow subject to strict conditions, such provision of funds through this Scheme. The two exemptions notable for this Scheme are:

1. De Minimis – Up to €200,000 (approximately £160,000) of financial support from any state resource can be provided to an entity over a rolling three-financial year period without contravening State Aid rules.

2. Block Exemptions – Particular projects for regional aid, small and medium enterprises etc. can receive funding subject to specific quantums and proportion of overall funding.

Further information on State Aid, and the implications for your project, can be found in the Application Guidance and State Aid Guidance documents below. We advise all potential applicants to study these carefully before submitting an application.

Contact Details
If you have any queries, or require further clarification about the British Horseracing Grant Scheme then you can contact us by:

Telephone: 020 7152 0005

(Please note that calls may be monitored and recorded for training and operational purposes, and to improve the quality of our service.)

Address: British Horseracing Grant Scheme, 75 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6LS

The Tote Sale
The Tote was sold by the Government to Betfred in June 2011 for £265m. The net proceeds of the sale amount to approximately £180m, of which Racing has been promised approximately £90m. To date, Racing has received £30m of these proceeds in three separate instalments of £10m – with £28m thus far allocated to The Racing Foundation and £2m to the British Horseracing Grant Scheme.

British Racing is to receive one further payment of £10 million financial year 2014-15 – with the rate and quantum of subsequent payments to be determined.

Racing aims to use its share of the proceeds to create a long-term legacy for the sport and a sustainable income stream for good causes and projects throughout the industry.

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