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Sharing a drink at Epsom A Sport for Everyone

Keeping horseracing open, transparent and fair is at the core of our entire philosophy. As such, we’re adamant that the sport should be accessible to everyone - regardless of ability, race, religion, or gender.

Ensuring this openness is a large and ongoing task, but we’re working hard to ensure inequalities are rooted out and opportunities opened up. Our latest project, ‘Racing for Change’, is all about making sure horseracing keeps up with a changing world, and this ethos is an integral part of everything we do.

Britain is a fantastically diverse place and as the British Horseracing Authority we want to reflect that. We genuinely believe that horseracing has something to offer everyone in the community - and that the only hurdles to be overcome should be those on the turf.

For more on our community strategy please take a look at our Racing Together page.

Racing Together

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