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Integrity Services
One of the key responsibilities for Racing’s regulator is to protect the integrity of the sport on and off the racecourse. Millions of pounds are bet each year on British racing, and for the sport to flourish and for racegoers and punters to be attracted to the sport, racing has to be, and seen to be, clean and fair.

The Disciplinary section outlines what happens on course in terms of the running and riding of races, and off course in terms of disciplinary actions, but this section outlines the work of the Integrity Services team in policing the integrity of the sport.

The Integrity Services & Licensing Department was formed at the end of 2007 when the Security and Licensing Departments merged. The aim and role of the Integrity Services & Licensing Department is to promote the highest standards for the sport and its participants on and away from the racecourse through a combined strategy of fairness, education, prevention and deterrence.

In May 2008 Dame Elizabeth Neville reported that the approach adopted by Racing is ‘a model for the effective investigation of corruption in sport’ and endorsed the BHA’s improvements to its Integrity Services team since the Joint BHB/Jockey Club Security Review reported in 2003. The Neville Review team also made it clear that the Authority should investigate and prosecute alleged breach of the Rules of Racing, notwithstanding that this conduct may amount to a Criminal Office, subject to certain exceptions.

Read the recommendations arising from the Neville Review

The activities of the Integrity Services team are wide ranging and include;

  • Identifying and deterring breaches of the Rules of Racing and malpractice in horseracing.
  • Conducting investigations into breaches of the Rules of Racing
  • Gathering information in respect of potential wrong doing in the sport
  • Inspections of training establishments
  • Monitoring real-time betting markets for suspicious betting activity
  • Protecting the integrity of the stabling area and weighing room on racecourses on a racedays.
  • Working closely with the Equine Science & Welfare Department in setting and enforcing standards of veterinary care
These integrity measures are expanded upon on the Keeping Racing Clean page.

You can also find out more about Racestraight, an enhanced partnership with Crimestoppers, to encourage both the public and the racing industry to come forward with information about wrong doing in our sport

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