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Weatherbys Weatherbys

From 1770 to the present day, the Weatherby family and firm has served horseracing and thoroughbred breeding. Providing the sport’s administrative service, a financial agency and the founding register of the racehorse breed, Weatherbys is inextricably central to the business of horseracing.

Administrative Services

Consistently contracted to the sport’s governing body, Weatherbys now operates its racing administration activity under commercial terms to the British Horseracing Authority. This wide ranging contract provides for Weatherbys to handle all the registrations – ownerships, colours, racehorse names – and race entry activity required for the day to day running of the sport.

The Bank

Weatherbys Bank grew out of the “Stakeholding” role assigned to the firm. From handling and distributing all British prize money, a financial agency developed, which was formally incorporated and licensed as a bank in 1994. The company now provides full banking services, both to those engaged in horseracing, but also to a growing number of clients with no racing connection.

The Publishers

Weatherbys has always been a printer and a publisher, and remains responsible for the production of important racing publications such as The Racing Calendar, The Programme Book, and The European Pattern Book. The company also has a thriving racecard business, producing cards for the majority of Britain’s racecourses.

The General Stud Book

The publication in 1791 by Mr James Weatherby of Volume 1 of The General Stud Book was the key development in the emergence of the thoroughbred as a distinct equine breed. This first listing of notable horses of the day is the breed’s founding register. It has been maintained ever since, with Weatherbys meticulously recording all thoroughbred births in Britain and Ireland.

The record now extends to 46 consecutive volumes, providing an unbroken ancestry record of the breed. All thoroughbred stud books around the world trace their origins to that first produced by Weatherbys.

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