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British Sales

British Sales
Britain is the home of three of the world’s most internationally renowned thoroughbred sales companies, Tattersalls (established in 1766), Doncaster Bloodstock Sales (DBS) and Brightwells Cheltenham (National Hunt specialist sales).

The quality, value and choice these companies offer is unrivalled and thoroughbreds from these auctions regularly excel on the world stage. Also, a number of races in Britain are only open to thoroughbreds that have been sold at these auction houses – please visit their respective websites to find out more.

This area provides all the information you need to get involved in buying or selling horses.

Types of Sales
Types of Sales include those for yearlings, race-ready two-year-olds, horses in training, foals, broodmares and fillies.

  • The Yearling Sales are held in late August through to October in Britain. Unraced horses that are one year old are sold through the ring. They are then trained to accept a saddle and bridle, this is called "breaking in" or "starting", after which they are placed in training where they will begin their racing career and will possibly run as a two-year old on the flat depending on their precocity.
  • Horses in Training Sales are held throughout the year by Tattersalls and DBS. Horses in training sales are a useful source of proven raced horses and quite frequently jumpers.
  • The Breeze-Up Sales is a sale of two-year olds, held in the spring in Britain, who are galloped for purchasers to view before the sale. Graduates from these sales usually begin their career running on the flat as two year olds. An exciting new Breeze-up bonus scheme has been launched to encourage potential buyers of breeze-up horses. Visit to find out more.
  • National Hunt Breeze-Up Sale is similar to the Breeze-Ups but entrants for this sale are horses specifically bred to jump and aged three and four years old.
  • Jumping Sales DBS Spring Sale is a premier sale of horses especially bred for jumping. The majority of the horses sold are “stores” (a three or four year old untried horse).
  • Breeding Sales – Entrants for these sales are fillies (female horses four years or under), broodmares and foals.

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