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Racing holds a variety of careers Racing holds a variety of careers

British Horseracing’s Community Strategy

British Horseracing is important to a great many people in many different ways. The sport is an integral part of a wide range of communities throughout Britain, and plays an enormous role in the social and cultural life of the country.

Racing Together aims to capture, reflect and build upon Racing’s contribution to communities across the country. In 2008 Racing Together was launched to highlight just some of the projects and initiatives that already take place up and down the country, ranging from education schemes with schoolchildren to long-standing charity racedays, and a ground breaking scheme in Newmarket.

One year on and we have recently completed the first audit of the sport’s community impact. The audit was carried out with the help of Business in the Community with a view to developing a strategic industry-wide community investment plan.

The work undertaken included:
  • Independent research on the scale and quality of the community investment that the industry is currently delivering;
  • Identifying examples of best practice community programmes and statistics on current work for dissemination
  • Highlighting areas of strengths and weakness within the industry in order to provide a strategic perspective for an industry wide community investment plan going forward
  • Engagement and communication with Racing’s key stakeholders
BITC developed an online survey and a structured interview programme that was carried out amongst all the racecourses. Structured interviews were also carried out with 15 industry organizations/groups. Drawing on BITC’s framework of the principles of community investment a final internal report was written to provide an analysis of the findings from the research, serving as material with which to promote the work of the industry and offering recommendations towards developing a community strategy.

A second external report has also been developed to further showcase some of the fantastic initiatives already in place – Racing Together: Horseracing and the Community 2009.

The initiative has been pulled together by the Authority’s Welfare and Training Group, chaired by Morag Gray, and which includes the lead organisations within Racing.

British Horseracing Authority Chief Executive, Nic Coward, said “Horseracing is more than a sport in Britain; it is an important part of national life. We hope this report helps to highlight the proud achievements of many in the sport”

Racing Together
Downloadable PDF versions of Racing Together:

Racing Together 2009
Racing Together 2009

Racing Together 2008
Racing Together 2008

For further information please contact the British Horseracing Head of External Affairs, Will Lambe on 020 7152 0028.

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