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We have several handy resources for Veterinary Surgeons, Trainers, Owners, Jockeys, Racecourses and those with an interest in horses in racing.

In this area you can find:
  • Equine Care and Welfare Q&A A Question and Answer section answering some frequently asked questions about horse welfare

  • Raceday treatment of Horses
  • Information on restrictions on substances and treatment of horses on racecourse premises

  • Whip Use Policy
  • The BHA recently carried out a full review of the use of the whip in British Horseracing. Read this review

  • Horse Identification
  • Information about Horse Identification and some of the measures we take in this field

  • Dope Testing
  • Stats and information about Dope testing, including testing procedures, prohibited substances, masking agents, retrospective testing and testing in training

  • Medication Control
  • A package about Medication Control intended to assist the participants in the racing industry to treat horses effectively without contravening any of the Rules and Instructions of Racing

  • Medication and Doping Control Q&A
  • A Question and Answer section answering some frequently asked questions about Medication and Doping Control

  • What happens if a Prohibited Substance is found?
  • A package of information to assist Licenced persons in understanding what happens when a Prohibited Substance is found.

  • Elective Testing Procedures
  • Forms, Guidance and Terms and Conditions to assist Trainers who wish to apply for elective tests of their horses. Further guidance can be found in the Notices section of the Rules of Racing

  • Information for trainers of horses trained outside Great Britain
  • Information to assist trainers of horses trained outside Great Britain, including advice on Doping and Medication control, on vaccination requirement, on welfare standards and other matters

  • Research into Medication and Doping Control
  • Information on the Authorities work to ensure a scientific basis for Medication and Doping Control

  • Poor Movers and Lame Horses Protocol
  • Information on what the Authority does to identify and assess horses with poor movement or overt gait abnormalities

  • Advice and help on Vaccination against Equine Influenza
  • Advice, frequently asked questions and an on-line tool for computers and smartphones to check vaccination intervals

  • Veterinary Certificates
  • Templates and application forms for Veterinary Certificates

  • Injuries and Fatalities
  • Stats and information about Injuries and Fatalities

  • Levy Board Veterinary Research
  • The Horserace Betting Levy Board (HBLB), through its appointed Veterinary Advisory Committee (VAC), fund and advise on various equine research projects, details of which can be found here.

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