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Guidance for Trainers affected by flooding

Guidance for Trainers affected by flooding that need to move horses-in-training from their approved premises to emergency stabling, to ensure their continued safety and wellbeing, can be found here.

As the governing and regulatory body for horseracing, one of the BHA’s most important roles is the licensing of all participants.

The Licensing Team administers the licensing process for Professional Trainers, Permitted Trainers, Full Jockeys, Apprentices, Conditionals and Amateur Riders.

It also licenses Jockeys’ Valets, Riders’ Agents and Equine Pools, as well as being responsible for overseeing the registration of over 7000 stable staff and the issue of racecourse stable passes, which is now undertaken on the Authority's behalf by Weatherbys.

From 1st November 2011, the decision of whether or not to grant a licence, permit, or registration as an Owner will rest with the Authority, to ensure that all applications are considered fairly and thoroughly and meet strict criteria designed to further protect the integrity of the sport.

In order for an application to be considered by the Authority, applicants (as a minimum) must satisfy the Absolute Requirements as detailed in the Guidance Notes that accompany all applications.

All application forms and guidance notes are available for download in the Licences section of the Resource Centre and the relevant guidelines should be read carefully before any attempt is made to complete the applications.

Applications, where appropriate, will be considered by the Licensing Committee, as detailed in Schedule (A)9 of the Rules of Racing. Further information on the Licensing Committee, including previous decisions, is available here.

Should you have any queries relating to the Guidance Notes, or for licence applications in general, please contact the Licensing Team on 0207 152 0140*, or email

*Calls to and from the Licensing Team are recorded.

Licensing resources
In this area you will find all the information you need for obtaining licences for:

You can also find information about managing migration of overseas workers

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