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The conduct of each day's racing is the responsibility of the British Horseracing Authority, through its strong "Raceday Team" – the Racecourse Officials.

Racecourse Officials are our 'front line', working hard to keep racing safe and fair. They are involved in virtually every aspect of the day's racing, their roles being as follows:

  • The Starter assumes control of the runners and riders as soon as the field arrives down at the Start, overseeing any problems such as tack adjustments or withdrawals, before getting the race underway. VIEW OUR STARTERS Q&A for more information about starting a race

  • The Clerk of the Scales weighs Jockeys out prior to every race and checks that the correct weight, colours and number are being carried, as well as whether or not blinkers/visor have been declared, and then weighs the jockeys back in after each race. READ MORE about the Clerk of the Scales' role

  • The Judge calls the result of the race, using the photofinish facility as necessary. The Judge also announces the winning margins and the Official Time of the winning horse. READ MORE about the work of the Judge

  • Stipendiary Stewards review the race with the Stewards of the meeting to see if any breaches of the Rules took place. They hold Stewards Enquiries if necessary. The Stewards also nominate which horse(s) should be dope tested. READ MORE about the Stewards' role

  • Access to the Racecourse Stables is controlled by Stable Security Officers, whose job it is to see that only those with official accreditation can gain access to the yard. The yard is also under CCTV surveillance.

  • Veterinary Officers and Technicians carry out identity checks on horses in the Racecourse Stables.

  • Weighing Room Security Officers protect access to the Weighing Room, as well as to the integrity areas that lie within it.

  • Stipendiary Stewards and Veterinary Officers view horses in the Parade Ring.

  • Veterinary Officers and Veterinary Technicians coordinate the dope testing of nominated horses, before sending samples to the HLF Sports Science in Newmarket.

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